Drive (My Life in Skateboarding)

The film that started it all.

Centered on a cross-country road trip, DRIVE (MY LIFE IN SKATEBOARDING) follows Mike Vallely as he makes the rounds, showing up at skate spots and interacting with local skaters.

DRIVE uses America’s landscape as the impetus to explore Mike’s views on the current state of the skateboard world, as well as reflections on what's really important to Mike and why he skates… Why Mike fights to keep his place in skating... why he fights for skateboarding.

DRIVE is the story of a true individual, his family, his friends, his work and his life.

This is a film to inspire and empower a whole new generation of individuals and skateboarders.


The complete first season as seen on TV
2 DVD set $21.99

Drive (Notes From the Wilderness)

Based on the X-DANCE award winning documentary DRIVE (MY LIFE IN SKATEBOARDING), DRIVE continues the journey of professional skateboarder Mike Vallely as explores the people, places, and issues defining skateboarding and youth culture today.

DRIVE blends action with information, empowering and inspiring its viewers to active and compassionate, and to pursue their talents and life dreams.

DVD includes the complete first season (6 episodes) plus the original documentary film.